Ring Adjuster

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Adjust to the fit you like with this one adjustor for everyone. Portable, unisex and adjustable! The perfect ring adjustor for all occasions. With a silicone band that adjusts to fit any size ring, this ring glides on and off easily. Silicone-type material is hypoallergenic and anti-slip, providing you with a snug fit and comfortable feeling.

This has been designed to prevent the ring from slipping during sleep, working out, and everyday activities. It's a tiny miracle that can give you back the feeling of security. Ideal for wearing under your wedding band or any other rings.. The ring adjustor is the perfect addition to any jewelry, allowing you to adjust your ring size while on the go. This handy, unscrewable ring adjustor will fit any size ring.

Product Specifications:

High polished finish
Lead and nickel free
Allows rings to adjust in size