Established 1969


We branched out into the music business with albums for only $3.99! As technology changed, we shifted from vinyl to 8-tracks to cassettes to CDs. Today, what’s hip is often the sweet stuff of the past. That’s right. Vinyl is back and we couldn't be happier to carry a huge selection of records.


Quonset Hut expanded further to offer greeting cards that make Hallmark blush, jewelry (both for the pierced and non pierced), darts, disc golf, skateboards, metaphysical items, tie-dye clothing, incense and other good smelly stuff, and, of course, smoke shop items and adult toys (must be 18+)!


In 2019, we moved to our new location at 3775 Cleveland Avenue NW, just down the street from our former location. You can read an article about our new home here.

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