Ongrok Personal Air Filter with Replaceable Cartridges

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COMFORTABLE SILICONE MOUTHPIECE | The removable silicone mouthpiece of the ONGROK Personal Air Filter is easy to clean and delivers a premium user experience.

REPLACEABLE 5 STAGE HEPA FILTER CARTRIDGES | This starter set comes with one pre-installed filter cartridge. The filters of this filter are paper based and easy to replace. Simply remove the mouthpiece and fit the filter on the bottom. Save money and eliminate waste by simply replacing the cartridges!

LONGER LASTING THAN OTHER BRANDS. 500+ EXHALES | The integrated hydrophobic filter screen prevents moisture buildup in the HEPA Filter, leaving you with a longer lasting personal air filter!

ZERO SMELL, GUARANTEED! | This sploof device will capture all odors inside, so you can be a good neighbor/housemate. Once the filter capacity is full, simply swap out a new filter!

SLEEK, DISCREET DESIGN |  The ONGROK Personal Air Filter is designed with discretion in mind and looks good in a home or office environment.

RISK-FREE GUARANTEE | At ONGROK, our goal is to "ENHANCE YOUR EXPERIENCE", by bringing you the best service and products possible. If you're ever dissatisfied, reach out to us online, and we'll be certain to make things right