Ongrok Humidifying Stones

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100% NATURAL | ONGROK humidifying stones are made of high quality, 100% natural baked Terracotta clay, which has been used for centuries to keep materials such as dry herbs hydrated!  Our humidifying stones come in a clean round shape; 29.3mm diameter, 6.4mm thickness, & easily fits into almost any storage jar or container.

REUSABLE & FOOD SAFE | These terracotta humidifying stones are reusable and completely food safe! Add to your storage jars and containers to keep any humidity sensitive products preserved for longer periods of time and keep them moist and fresh. When you’re ready to reuse the stone simply rinse with clean water only and place into a new container.

EASY TO USE | Before use, soak in water for 5-minutes, leave to dry slightly for 1-2 minutes and place with your products. Our stones come with a 19cm long string for you to easily hang off the side of your jar, so it does not come in contact with your herbs or spices.

TIP: For best results, we recommend placing the hydrostone above the contents of your jar/ container. Place your stone at desired length in your jar and use the lid to secure the string.

100% PERFORMANCE GUARANTEE | We guarantee the performance of all of our products.  If you are ever dissatisfied, reach out to us and we'll be certain to make things right!

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