King Palm King Size Leaf Rolls

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Elevate your smoking experience with King Palm King Size Leaf Rolls. These pre-rolled leaf tubes are designed to enhance your smoking ritual, offering convenience and quality with every draw.


  • Pre-rolled tubes with a natural corn husk crutch for bigger, smoother draws
  • Made from handpicked, resilient leaves from the Cordia Family tree
  • Cleaned with purified water and hand-rolled for superior quality
  • Very slow burning and can be re-hydrated with water
  • Each pack includes a 62% Boveda pack to maintain optimal humidity
  • King size holds approximately 2 grams per tube

Indulge in the best smokable leaf in the world, sourced from the Singapore rain forests. With no artificial preservatives, these leaf rolls offer a pure and natural smoking experience. Simply pack the tube with your favorite herbs, light up, and savor the smooth, flavorful smoke.

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