Kayd Mayd 3D Printed Dugout w/ Digger One Hitter - 3.3" / Assorted

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Discover the innovative Kayd Mayd 3D Printed Dugout with Digger One Hitter, a compact and efficient solution for on-the-go herb enthusiasts.

  • 3.3" 3D printed dugout: Portable and sleek, this dugout is perfectly sized for discreet use.
  • Waterproof and smell proof: Ensures that your herbs are securely protected and discreetly stored.
  • Airtight & watertight: Preserves the freshness and quality of your herbs, keeping them in optimal condition.
  • Wooden poker tool included: Conveniently integrated for easy packing and cleaning.
  • Digger One Hitter w/ serrated teeth included: Designed for efficient herb consumption, offering a unique experience.

Collections: Dugouts, Smoking Accessories