Hard Clamshell Pipe Case

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Introducing the Hard Clamshell Pipe Case, designed to provide ultimate protection for your pipe while you're on the move. Whether you're traveling or simply heading out for the day, this case ensures your pipe stays safe and secure.


  • Hard shell outer for protection against drops and hits
  • Padded interior for snug cushioning
  • Ideal for smaller dry-hitting pipes including chillums, spoons, glass blunts, and more
  • Available in multiple sizes to fit your specific pipe:
    • Small: 2.25x5 inches (5.7x12.7cm)
    • Medium: 3x7 inches (7.6x17.8cm)
    • Large: 3x9 inches (7.6x22.9cm)
  • Assorted colors

Don't take chances with the safety of your pipe. Get the Hard Clamshell Pipe Case today and enjoy peace of mind knowing your pipe is well-protected wherever you go.

Collections: Smoking Accessories, Storage