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Introducing our Fixed Healing Candle, a purposeful and intentional tool crafted to support healing energies within your physical, emotional, and spiritual realms. Imbued with a carefully selected blend of healing herbs and essential oils, this candle serves as a beacon of light for those seeking restoration and well-being. Whether used for self-healing or to promote healing energies in a shared space, the Fixed Healing Candle offers a comforting and supportive presence. As the candle burns, envision the warm glow enveloping you in revitalizing energy, facilitating a sense of balance and renewal. Embrace the soothing and transformative properties of our Fixed Healing Candle to contribute to your overall wellness and healing journey.

What is it used for?

The Fixed Healing Candle is a purposeful tool designed to facilitate healing on multiple levels—physical, emotional, and spiritual. Crafted with a curated blend of healing herbs and essential oils, this candle is employed to create a sacred and supportive space for those seeking restoration. Whether utilized in self-healing rituals or to promote a healing environment in shared spaces, the Fixed Healing Candle serves as a beacon of comfort. As the candle burns, envision the gentle glow enveloping you, instilling a sense of balance and renewal. The candle is utilized to harness the soothing and transformative energies, contributing to overall wellness and aiding individuals in their healing journey. Embrace the therapeutic properties embedded within the Fixed Healing Candle to enhance and support your well-being.

How do you use the healing candle?

1. Set Your Healing Intention:
Before lighting the Fixed Healing Candle, set a clear and specific intention for your healing ritual. This could include physical, emotional, or spiritual healing.

2. Prepare Your Space:
Choose a quiet and comfortable space where you can perform your healing ritual. Ensure the area is clean, and you won't be disturbed.

3. Unwrap and Inspect the Candle:
Unwrap the Fixed Healing Candle and take a moment to inspect it. Connect with its energy and visualize the healing properties it holds.

4. Clear Your Mind:
Before lighting the candle, clear your mind and center yourself. Take a few deep breaths to ground your energy and focus on your healing intention.

5. Light the Candle:
Using a match or lighter, carefully light the wick of the Fixed Healing Candle. As you do so, visualize the flame as a powerful source of healing energy.

6. Place the Candle:
Position the candle in a central location, ensuring it is secure and won't be disturbed. This could be on a dedicated altar, a safe surface, or a heat-resistant dish.

7. Envision Healing:
As the candle burns, envision the warm glow filling the space with healing energy. Visualize the specific areas of healing you desire—whether physical ailments, emotional wounds, or spiritual imbalances.

8. Meditate or Reflect:
Sit in quiet meditation or reflection, focusing on your healing intentions. You can incorporate affirmations or chants related to healing during this time.

9. Allow the Candle to Burn:
Let the Fixed Healing Candle burn for a sufficient amount of time. You can choose to let it burn continuously or in increments, depending on your preference.

10. Express Gratitude:
Once you feel the healing ritual is complete, express gratitude for the healing energies invoked. Blow out the candle if necessary, always practicing fire safety.

Approach the use of the Fixed Healing Candle with mindfulness, belief, and a sincere desire for healing. Regularly incorporating this ritual into your wellness practices can contribute to overall well-being and support your healing journey.


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