Dynavap The "B": Neon Series Vaporizer

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Dynavap The "B": Neon Series Vaporizer

The Dynavap "B" from the Neon Series offers a vibrant choice with Neon Pink, Green, and Blue color options. This vaporizer is designed with first-time users in mind, providing an excellent entry point into the DynaVerse and the benefits of thermal extraction.

  • New-style Stainless Steel Tip with a single fin design for quick and simple extraction
  • Food-grade silicone stem with an airport and a 10mm tapered mouthpiece for versatile usage
  • Composed of only 5 parts made of 2 materials: Stainless Steel Captive Cap, Tip, Condenser, and CCD, and a Silicone Stem
  • Technical features include optimized tip chamber for extraction efficiency, optional O-ring design for easy assembly and disassembly, and customizable airflow and cooling with an adjustable condenser

The silicone stem features a pentagonal anti-roll design and tip elevation geometry. The "B" is also backwards compatible with Dynavap devices and accessories, offering versatility and convenience. It comes packaged in a recyclable box, making it an eco-friendly choice. Be part of the revolution with the Dynavap "B" vaporizer from the Neon Series.

*Fitment with wood Stashes varies

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