Clay Mask - 4FL.OZ. - Ready-to-Use French Clay - Facial Care

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Product Description for Clayer Active Bar Soap - Pack of 3:

Revitalize your cleansing routine with the Clayer Active Bar Soap - Pack of 3, offering a trio of indulgence for those who demand the best. Immerse yourself in the refreshing benefits of Clayer after workouts, intense play, competitions, or a long day – because excellence comes in threes!

Why Choose the Clayer Active Bar Soap - Pack of 3?

1. Triple the Craftsmanship: Indulge in the luxury of Clayer Active Bar Soap not just once, but threefold! Each bar in this pack is crafted with precision and care, utilizing hot crushing techniques and traditional methods under the guidance of a Soap Master, ensuring a consistent and exceptional cleansing experience.

2. Harmless Ingredients, Always: Pamper your skin with the assurance that each bar in this pack is made with the same high-quality, harmless ingredients as our singular bar. Clayer's commitment to excellence remains unwavering, giving you a trio of pure, nourishing goodness.

3. Allergy-Free Assurance, Times Three: Experience the bliss of Clayer's allergy-free formula times three. This pack ensures that your skin receives gentle care without any allergenic concerns, making it suitable for all skin types.

4. Extended Luxury, Tripled: Enjoy the prolonged luxury of Clayer Active Bar Soap with this pack of 3. Outlasting most regular bar soaps, these three bars promise an extended period of invigorating and moisturizing cleansing.

5. Moisture Lock, Multiplied: Bid farewell to dryness with each use. The triple-action of Clayer ensures that there's no dry effect, leaving your skin feeling refreshed, revitalized, and moisturized after every wash.

6. Authenticity Cubed: Immerse yourself in the authentic experience of Clayer with this pack of 3 – genuine Savon de Marseille that upholds the legacy of classic soap-making for a timeless and effective cleansing routine.

Instructions for Use: Versatility multiplied – use Clayer Active Bar Soap for washing your face, body, and hands. However, caution is advised to avoid contact with the eyes.

Compact and Convenient: Each bar in this pack weighs 3.5 oz, offering a convenient and portable solution for your on-the-go cleansing needs. Elevate your daily routine with the Clayer Active Bar Soap - Pack of 3, where every bar is a testament to tradition, quality, and your freshly confident self.

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