Apex Ancillary XL Bundle | Includes the iso Station XL, The Magnetic Stand, & 6pc Pro Toolset

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Revolutionize Your Tool Maintenance

  • Apex Ancillary XL ISO Station combines all the benefits of an entire set in one modern appliance
  • Convenient stainless steel pump dispenser for cleaning solutions with hermetic design to prevent waste and evaporation
  • Bonus addition of a mini funnel for easy pouring of cleansing solution
  • The Stand by Apex Ancillary organizes and displays tools within reach, compatible with magnetic & non-magnetic tools
  • Magnetic surface securely holds various tools with easy release and sturdy construction
  • Apex Ancillary Pro Tool Set includes 6 durable and versatile stainless steel tools for all your needs
  • 4 carving tools & 2 grabbing tools designed for sturdy handling and lightweight properties

Efficiency and Durability Combined

Apex Ancillary presents the Apex Ancillary XL ISO Station, a practical design that changes the cleaning game of your tools. This functional station covers your needs combining all washing stations in one innovative high-end design. The Stand provides a modern solid organizer that holds your tools in one place, offering a magnetic surface for easy access. The Apex Ancillary Pro Tool Set is a premium addition, made with high-end and long-lasting materials to meet all your needs in one toolset.

Collections: Dabbing, Smoking Accessories