Cheech & Chong Smoke Lover's Gift Set | East L.A.

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Cheech & Chong Smoke Lover's Gift Set | East L.A.

The Cheech & Chong Smoke Lover's Gift Set is the ultimate gift for any smoker. Whether you're a seasoned connoisseur or a casual enthusiast, this set has everything you need for a smooth smoking experience.

  • Metal Rolling Tray: The 7.0" x 5.5" metal rolling tray provides a sturdy and spacious surface for preparing your smoke.
  • Ashtray with Built-In Cigarette Rests: The ashtray features built-in cigarette rests, keeping your smoking area clean and organized. It has a width of 4.25".
  • Ceramic Stash Jar with Rubber Lid: The ceramic stash jar, measuring 3" tall x 2.25" wide, comes with a rubber lid to keep your herbs fresh and potent.

All items in this gift set showcase the iconic Cheech & Chong East L.A. designs, adding a touch of nostalgia to your smoking accessories collection.

Collections: Smoking Accessories, Storage, Trays