High Quality 1ml Ceramic Vape Cartridge 3-Pack

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Our MiniVape2 comes with a single, empty, refillable cartridge.  But if you lose or damage the cartridge, or just want to have multiple cartridges available with different types of oils, fear not - this 3-pack of empty, refillable cartridges has you covered! 

These are high quality cartridges! 

  • Larger 1.0ml capacity (as opposed to half sized 0.5ml cartridges)
  • Ceramic coils (not wicks) for purer taste and healthier vaping
  • Tight sealing rubber O-rings / grommets for better leak prevention
  • 4 larger 2mm holes to handle thicker oils
  • Special polycarbonate / stainless steel chamber ensures no reaction with oils
  • 1.4 Ohm resistance
  • Standard 510 thread
  • 10mm diameter


To fill the cartridge, simply unscrew the top mouth piece. Fill with a long, thin syringe. Voila!

NOTE: This is a standard 10mm diameter cartridge.  This will fit our MiniVape 2, but not the original MiniVape (which requires a 9mm cartridge).

Also check out our 3-pack of mangentic adapters / couplers and our super high quality glass and stainless steel syringes which are perfect for filling these cartridges.

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