Truth or Drink + 4 Shot Glasses Set | Card Game and Custom Drinkware Combo

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You’ve laughed, cried, and cringed hard watching Cut’s viral game of brutal honesty and hard liquor.

Now you, your friends, your family, and strangers alike can turn private lives into public fun with a copy of our play-at-home game!

Elevate your Truth or Drink experience with a 4-pack of custom black & silver shot glasses – the same ones we use in our YouTube show! This set contains 4 shot glasses plus the Truth or Drink base game.

This combo set comes with:

  • 410 intensely personal questions across 4 different levels of intimacy
  • 4 custom branded shot glasses (2 sets of 2)
  • All in a super-cool Truth or Drink mailer box!
EASY TO PLAY: Draw cards and pose the questions to your friends. Will they reveal their deepest secrets, or take a swig to maintain their mysteries? By night’s end, you'll all be better friends after asking the questions you'd never dared ask out loud.

SOMETHING FOR EVERYONE: Contains questions from 4 different themed sets: Happy Hour (casual conversations), On The Rocks (personal bonding), Last Call (deep, dark secrets), and Extra Dirty (super NSFW!).
MADE BY CUT: The Truth or Drink games are based on our hit YouTube series with over 2 billion views (and counting!). Our goal is to bring people together, one awkward conversation at a time. Now it's your turn! Only a bottle stands between you and the ultimate truth. What do you have to hide?

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