Sterling Silver Celtic Stud Earring

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The Sterling Silver Celtic Stud Earring is a beautiful and timeless piece of jewelry that features a traditional Celtic design. The earrings are crafted from high-quality sterling silver, a durable and lustrous precious metal that will last for years to come.

The Celtic design of the earrings is a symbol of eternity and continuity, with its interwoven knots representing the interconnectedness of all things. The intricate knotwork of the design is a nod to the rich cultural heritage of the Celts, who were known for their artistry and craftsmanship.

The earrings are secured with butterfly back closures, which ensure that they stay in place throughout the day. Their simple yet elegant design makes them versatile enough to be worn with any outfit, from casual to formal attire.

These earrings make a great gift for anyone who appreciates the beauty and symbolism of Celtic art, or for anyone who loves elegant and timeless jewelry. They are also perfect for special occasions such as weddings or formal events, where they can add a touch of sophistication and cultural significance to any outfit.

Product Specifications:

  • Metal: Sterling Silver
  • Lead and Nickel- Free
  • High polished finish
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Closure: Butterfly
  • Size: 15mm x 15mm