POTO Water Bottle Bong

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Experience the ultimate discreet smoking accessory with the PILOTDIARY POTO Water Bottle Bong. Designed to blend seamlessly into your daily life, this innovative water bottle bong offers a perfect combination of stealth and functionality.

Mimicking the appearance of a standard Nalgene water bottle, the POTO Water Bottle Bong features a water level sign on its side for added authenticity. To ensure a smooth and enjoyable hit, simply fill the bottle with 400ml of water for optimal performance.

Upon twisting off the cap, you'll uncover a small ceramic bowl nestled inside the lid. This hidden compartment allows you to store your favorite dry herbs, making it convenient to indulge in a relaxing session anytime, anywhere.

The POTO Water Bottle Bong also boasts an advanced filtration system for a superior smoking experience. Its downstream is equipped with a showerhead percolator, complete with numerous holes that provide advanced water filtration. This ensures a clean and flavorful inhale every time you use it.

Constructed with high-quality materials, the POTO Water Bottle Bong is easy to clean and maintain. Its detachable components can be effortlessly broken down and reassembled, guaranteeing a fresh and hygienic smoking experience.

Upgrade your on-the-go smoking sessions with the PILOTDIARY POTO Water Bottle Bong. Its clever design, convenience, and advanced filtration make it the ideal choice for those who wish to enjoy their favorite herbs discreetly and without compromise.


  • Height 9"
  • Length 3.5"
  • Showerhead Perc
  • Easy To Clean
  • Silicone Mouthpiece & Stem
  • Hidden Bowl Storage

Relaxation is Within Reach! 

The Bong Adapter fits all Water Bottles with 2.5 inches Cap Diameter. Turn your own water bottle into a bong.

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