Ongrok Plant-Based Filter

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TRAPS ODORS | This innovative smog and odor eliminator is inconspicuous, closely packed, and specifically tailored to reduce harmful fumes.

ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY | Each filter is biodegradable as it is made almost entirely from corn starch! It is best to keep the outer packaging sealed before usage to prevent premature degradation of the product.

EASY TO USE | The user simply exhales smog into the filter, and the resulting air that comes out is clean! Each degradable filter has a lifespan of roughly 300 uses for cigarettes, 600 uses for heavier cigar products, and 900 uses for pens.

TIP: Lie the air filter down on its sides in between uses for the best performance. This allows the contaminated air to pass through the filter and helps with drying.

DISPOSAL | When disposing of the filter, make sure to remove the silicone band and mouthpiece before disposal. This helps contribute to environmentally friendly disposal. This product will degrade fully within 8 months regardless of whether it is discarded in a compost facility or a natural environment.

RISK-FREE GUARANTEE | At ONGROK, we aim to elevate our customer’s experience and deliver the best quality products. If you are unsatisfied with any of our products, kindly contact us so that we can make amends!

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