Himalayan Detox Bath Soak

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Purifying Bath Soak made from Himalayan Salt

The Himalayan Detox Bath Soak has a strong purifying & re-mineralizing effect on skin. Just one use can improve respiratory, circulatory & organ system functions. Relieve your arthritis and other painful inflammatory conditions by detoxing your body and skin. This Bath Soak also balances your pH while replenishing your skin with the proper hydration it needs. Our Himalayan Detox Bath Soak is also offered as a selection in our Build Your Own Bundle offer. 

Ingredients: Himalayan coarse salt, Himalayan fine salt, magnesium sulfate (epsom salt), Dead Sea salt.

Directions: Pour about two or three cups under warm running water. Enjoy your 20-30 minute soothing & calming bath.

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