Eyce Spark ProTeck Glass Rig

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Eyce Spark ProTeck Glass Rig

The Eyce Spark ProTeck Glass Rig is the flagship product of the Eyce ProTeck™ Glass Series. This innovative piece seamlessly combines the purity of glass with the protection of a silicone ProTeck™ sleeve, offering a unique and durable smoking experience.

Key Features:

  • Constructed with borosilicate glass for exceptional purity and flavor
  • Protected by a platinum-cured silicone sleeve for added durability
  • Comes with a battery-powered white LED light for enhanced visual appeal
  • Includes a concentrate bucket and a flower bowl for versatile use
  • Equipped with a steel poker, tool holders, and hidden storage for convenience
  • Comes with a 14mm quartz bucket and a 14mm borosilicate slide for customization

Elevate your smoking experience with the Eyce Spark ProTeck Glass Rig, where innovation meets functionality. Whether you're enjoying concentrates or dry herbs, this rig offers a comprehensive and enjoyable smoking session.

Collections: Dabbing, Smoking Accessories