Daze Glass - 10" Recycler Style Cube Perc Glass Water Pipe

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The Daze Glass Cube Perc Water Pipe features a unique cube percolator at the base as well as an intricate recycler-style body design. The water pipe features a fixed downstem which carries the smoke directly to the cube percolator where it is filtered and cooled. 

Because of the cube that has been designed to rest in the middle of the body, keeps your smoke broken up as it bounces off the walls of this cube to pass through to the narrow, curved neck. This curved neck also helps prevent water splashing and helps re-condense your smoke as you inhale.

  • Approx. Height: 10 inches 
  • Glass Thickness: 5mm
  • Bowl Size: 14mm bowl included
  • Body: Recycler / Scientific

Collections: Pipes and Glass, Smoking Accessories